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Go to the HEADHUN7ER Exclusives page and use this code for the Nation War bonus launch content!

We’re Still Here!

Sorry for not releasing and updates for a couple months… I think the game is running smoothly and we really appreciate the community!


Canada Country

Canada is no longer available. Thanks for signing up, and the players who switched to Canada are now winning!

Special Edition Country

Hey players! To kick-off the full release of Nation War, we are announcing a new in-game country for limited time only. Canada! This country has the strongest attack and defense, but is only available until April 1st. When you sign up, you can select it. If you already own an account, leave a comment below.

Once you retrieve this special country, you can keep it. It never goes away, and it shows you were one of the early players! If you’d rather go back to your original country after selecting Canada, also comment below. Have fun playing, and be sure to check out our other games. Thanks, bye!

Welcome to Nation War!

From the makers of HEADHUN7ER, we bring you a new strategy war game called “Nation War”! Command your own army and lead it to victory. Topple your enemies and dominate territory to expand your power. The Beta ends March 1st, so sign up today!